ReAmped Energy joins the retail energy market

We have a new electricity retailer in our midst! ReAmped Energy launched a couple of very attractively priced offers into New South Wales and South East Queensland earlier this week.

FEBRUARY 15, 2019

Handled has no current commercial relationship with ReAmped Energy, but you will find these deals in our app as we bring you the whole market.

How competitive are they?

They have certainly hit the ground running with low prices! Here are the rankings per Distribution area for our test households (circa 6,000kWh/year usage – Single Rate)

  • Ausgrid – 3rd position – Behind EnergyAustralia’s “No Frills” and Handled’s exclusive offer from Powershop.
  • Endeavour – 2nd position – Behind our exclusive offer from Powershop.
  • Essential – 2nd position – Behind our exclusive offer from Powershop.
  • Energex – 3rd position – Behind AGL’s Residential Essentials Plus and Handled’s exclusive offer from Powershop.
ReAmped Energy as seen in the Handled Marketplace

Who are they?

“…we are customers who understand the electricity market and understand the self serving nature of the traditional energy company business model. We are customers who have done something about it. We built ReAmped Energy – an electricity retail business based on three words – simplicity, fairness and transparency.”

From their Linkedin profile, the company appears to be based in Brisbane and currently have 5 employees.

“100% Online Electricity Retailer”

Where have they launched?

In NSW, ReAmped have offers in all three distribution areas, Ausgrid, Essential and Endeavour. In Queensland, ReAmped is available in the Energex distribution zone.

Should you switch to ReAmped?

On price alone, ReAmped look very competitive. Time will tell whether or not their support is any good. This company seems to be about great pricing using the power of a fully online business. There does not seem to be any specific mention of green energy or the desire to move things forward in that direction.

Ultimately, energy is not delivered by your energy Retailer, but rather by the Distribution Network you live in (i.e. Ausgrid, Essential, Endeavour or Energex) so it should make no difference to the quality of the electricity used in your home.

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