How to stay on the best energy deal

Energy prices change constantly, making it difficult to stay on the cheapest energy deal. Handled app allows you to set price alerts to stay on top of it.

OCTOBER 26, 2018

How to ensure that you are not caught paying more than you need to for energy at home.

The unfortunate truth about energy deals is that they can be very slippery. You spend the time and effort to get on a great deal, but within a couple of weeks, that may all have changed. Here are some of the reasons why it is a constant struggle:

  1. Retailers can change your price at any time, suddenly you are paying more
  2. Discounts expire at the end of a “benefit period”, so you don’t get that big discount you are enjoying.
  3. New Retailers come in with great offers that are much cheaper than your current deal.
  4. Retailers offer group discounts that could be better than the deal you are on.

How to deal with this

If you are extremely organised, you can set diary reminders for yourself to investigate deals again. You could set Energy Made Easy or an Energy Broker, or Comparison website as your homepage! At Handled, we do not want to see our members needlessly worry about this. We have already done all the work, so all we ask you to do is tell us at what level you would like to be notified.

Here’s an example of using Handled’s app:

You set your “savings alert” at $200. We check your current annual spend vs. every group discount and publicly available offer on a daily basis. When your saving would be more than $200 (or another amount set by you), we will email you to let you know. It is then entirely up to you to stay where you are or make the switch to a new deal. If you’re not already using our Handled app, download it now!

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