Are you saving on your new energy deal?

You’ve switched to a better energy deal, but how do you know if you’re saving? This guide will help you understand how to calculate your new power bill.

OCTOBER 26, 2018
When you receive your first bill on your new deal, did the switch actually save you money?

No matter how you kick off your energy deal switch, there will always be an element of uncertainty about the amount of saving. The reason this is so is that it is almost impossible to predict your electricity or gas usage perfectly. We can get close though…

The first bill

When you receive your first bill after switching, we can work out exactly how much you would have paid if you were still on your old deal.  We can compare this to your actual bill and the difference is your saving!

The calculation (your old deal):

We need to add up the following:

  • Supply charge x number of days in your bill period
  • Usage charges x actual usage in the period
  • Less: Discount % x usage/supply charges

Great! Compare the answer to your bill and you will see if you made a wise choice

Using the Handled app

When you upload your first bill on your new deal, we do all the calculations for you and present you with a Switch Report. This report not only shows you your overall saving number, (for example: “You saved $120 this quarter”) but actually shows you a breakdown of how that was achieved. You are then welcome to go into as much detail as you like to see where your saving came from. If you’d like this proof of saving, try our Handled app

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